ION Science BMSSRBXG-X24ODV, GasClam 2 Gas Monitor (0-100 CH4 & CO2)+H2S/CO+VOC

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ION Science BMSSRBXG-X24ODV, GasClam 2 Gas Monitor (0-100 CH4 & CO2)+H2S/CO+VOC

The revolutionary GasClam is the first gas monitor to give continuous, unmanned ground gas data collection for up to three months. Its ability to log long‐term, real trend information is a revolution in gas management and risk prediction allowing informed decisions to be made on accurate, reliable data.

Using spot measurements to understand ground gas behaviors can lead to uncertain or misleading results. Uncertainty exists as concentration changes over time and spot sampling only provides a snap shot of the ground gas at that instant. Considerable published material from experts who measure ground gas and perform risk assessments question whether traditional methods of collecting data are adequate.

The need for greater granularity of data was the reason for developing the patented GasClam 2. GasClam 2 continuously measures and collects ground gas concentration data, as well as parameters that are known to control it subsurface pressure and atmospheric pressure. In combination, this data reduces uncertainty by providing the full picture of what is happening below ground. Also, by observing the process controlling the ground gas regime, you can predict how it will change in the future. 

Using GasClam 2 therefore provides multiple financial benefits. The first saving comes from reducing the number of site visits by a field engineer. The second saving comes from reducing the overall length of monitoring programs as legislative data requirements can be met quicker. The third, and largest saving, is made by designing appropriate, rather than over engineered solutions, based on complete and robust data.

Standard GasClam Features:

• Continuous gas (methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and total VOC)    monitoring with configurable logging intervals

• Continuous atmospheric borehole pressure and monitoring with configurable logging intervals

• Battery powered deployment for up to 3 months (dependant on logging frequency)

• External power option for extended deployments

• Intrinsically safe for use in explosive atmospheres

Key Benefits

• Optimized site management with insights from continuous monitoring

• Improve site characterization and event flagging helps reduce risks

• Demonstrates due diligence and regulatory compliance

• Supports an industry recognized best practice approach to ground-gas monitoring

• Aids selection of cost effective solutions

• Fits in to standard 50 mm/2” borehole 

• Reduces number of site visits

• Simple PC software to download and analyze data

GasClam® (standard) includes:

• GasClam Gas Monitor (fitted with Oxygen Sensor, Carbon Dioxide Sensor, HydroCarbon Sensor, Rubber Collar,   2 x 1.5v Duracell Batteries)®
• GasClam® Carry Bag
• GasClam® Software CD
• GasClam® Manual
• Snorkel (Comes with filter and 30cm pipe)
• Communications Cable
• Start Cable
• Tool Kit
• Blank for vent port

Applications include:

• Brownfield site investigation 
• Landfill perimeter monitoring and control 
• Shale and Coal Bed Methane/ Seam Gas site monitoring
• Vapor intrusion studies 
• Waste Management
• Refineries and petroleum storage monitoring 

GasClam 2 Specifications
Gas Method/Type Range Resolution Accuracy
CH4** Infrared 0-100% or 0-5% 1% of FSD above 50%
0.5% below 50%
+/-2% FSD
CO2** Infrared 0-100% or 0-5% 1% of FSD above 50%
0.5% below 50%
+/-2% FSD
O2 Electrochemical 0-25% 0.1% vol +/-5% of reading
+/-1 digit
CO* Electrochemical 0-500ppm 1ppm +/-3ppm at 0
+/-5% at 250ppm
H2S* Electrochemical 0-200ppm 1ppm +/-1ppm at 0
+/-2% at 100ppm
VOC* PID 0-4000ppm 1ppm +/-5% of reading
+/-1 digit
ENVIRONMENTAL   Method/Type Range Resolution
Barometric Pressure Piezoelectric 800 to 1200 mBar 1 mBar
Borehole Pressure Piezoelectric 800 to 1200 mBar 1 mBar
Temperature Internal Chip -5°C to +50°C or
22°F to 122°F
0.1°C or 1°F
Water Depth* Piezoelectric 0 - 25m
(various available)
0.01 m


Power Options Internal: Option of Lithium primary cells or Duracell Alkaline D-Cells or Rechargeable battery pack
External: Accepts intrinsically safe external power supply for extended and/or rapid monitoring
Typical Battery Life
(hourly sampling)
Lithium primary cells - 3 months
Alkaline cells - 1 month
Rechargeable battery pack - 3 weeks
Case High quality stainless steel
Weight 7.5 kg (16.8 lbs)
Dimensions Overall length: 90cm (35.4 in)
Borehole tube length: 83cm (32.6 in)
Head diameter: 11 cm (4.3 in )
Borehole tube diameter: 4.7cm (1.85 in)
Protection IP68 rated (continuous submersion)
Operation Temp: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Approvals EMC, ATEX 0105 X
Ex II 2G Ex d ib [ib] IIB T4
IECEx Ex d ib [ib] IIB TV Gb
CSA C (US & Canadian approvals)
Class 1, Zone 1
(A) Ex d id IIB T4
Patents European and World-wide Patented

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